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CATHY EMMA - Testimonials

"Thank you for your presentation covering several topics related to customer service.  The Kane County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the collection, investment and disbursement of over 700 million dollars in property taxes on an annual basis. We also provide customer service to over 160,000 taxpayers during the same time frame. Your presentation identified a number of customer service issues relevant to this office. Your speaking style was also energetic and to the point. I hope to implement a number of your suggestions to improve our customer service within the office.  Please feel free to use my name as a reference related to this service."

DAVID J. RICKERT, CPA - Kane County Treasurer


"Cathy Emma was the speaker for our organization’s Summer Workshop. Her wonderful program on “Powerful Presentation Skills” was informative, interactive and fun.Preparation before you speak, taking care of your voice and organizing your contentwere just a few of the tips she provided. Cathy walked us through each of the steps needed for a successful presentation.  Survey results from those in attendance showed great satisfaction with the workshop.  Excellent information to be used “on the job.” I personally used Cathy’s techniques and tips for a recent presentation to a group of co-workers which resulted in a huge success!"


“Cathy Emma educated the audience by giving extensive details of what shapes a generation's behaviors and personality traits. She discussed the four generations currently in the workplace and included major events that were happening in the world during each generation – economy, wars and technology. Also included were interesting facts on entertainment and popular toys for each era. The Bridges members felt the session was extremely interesting and well received - learning about what makes people tick is always an interesting subject. The key points that Cathy brought to the audience were the differences between generations and some great communication pointers on how to more effectively bridge the gaps in the workplace.”


"This letter is a testimonial for Cathy Emma who gave a presentation for the students of Aurora University concerning how to prepare themselves after college graduation- 'From Backpack to Briefcase- Communicate Like a Pro.'  We had over 70 students attending her session sponsored by one of our student chapters – “Future Leaders of the World” of which I am one of the two faculty advisors. The feedback I received from the students who attended her presentation was outstanding. Some comments I received were..."

“I learned a lot about how to prepare myself when I graduate and her tips will be so helpful.”

“Outstanding speaker, great energy and she made the presentation enjoyable.”

“We need to have more speakers like Cathy for students to learn from when they enter the workplace.”

"Thank you Cathy for making an effective and realistic presentation. You made a great impact on our students!""

DR. VINCENT PELLETTIERE, Assistant Professor – AURORA UNIVERSITY ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Cathy, The Chicagoland offices of the American Lung Association of Illinois would like to thank you for equipping our staff with your informative, enthusiastic and powerful messages on Professional Development. I have heard nothing but positive feedback and appreciation from the rest of the team. Your refresher of time honored etiquette applied to modern technical communication methods heightened our self awareness and challenged us to sharpen our professional presence at many levels. Your dynamic approach to professional communication has proven infectious to our staff and will in turn benefit the 10’s of 1,000s of Illinoisans we serve daily in Chicago and the Collar Counties. Once again, thank you!”

SHERRILL KEEFE ,Tobacco Projects Mgr. - AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION of ILLINOIS _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"I want to share with you how much our company appreciated your presentation at our January State of the Company Event. I found you, at all times, to be poised, professional and informative. I would definitely recommend your presentation to any other businesses that could benefit from your ideas on creating strong relationships and increasing the bottom line with a few easy steps toward greater professionalism. Please feel free to quote our recommendation. I wish you all the best in the future"


"Quite simply, Cathy Emma is outstanding! I first met Cathy several years ago and she coached me as an aspiring professional speaker. I was very impressed with her insight, expertise and pragmatic approach to speech coaching. She is able to energize and motivate with real world, proven techniques for improved performance. The counsel that Cathy has provided will benefit me for a lifetime; I will use her suggestions everyday both professionally and personally in my daily communications."

 DANITA JOHNSON-HUGHES, Ph.D - President & CEO – EDGEWATER SYSTEMS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I want to extend my thanks to you for speaking at the IAAP Illinois Division Professional Enrichment Program (PEP). Your presentation was very well received by our attendees. You were enthusiastic, offered solid principles and provided great learning experiences for us on our journey to professional presence.  Please accept the thanks of the entire Lake County Chapter for being a very enlightening speaker!”

FRAN PUCHLI , CAP - President, Lake County Chapter -

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"After 2 years of training in professional paid public speaking, Cathy Emma’s coaching put the finishing touches on my presentations. She’s been instrumental in helping me develop new concepts plus refining my positioning, speed of delivery, and voice techniques on existing speeches. Cathy’s also an expert when it comes to improving business communications in all media formats. I highly recommend Cathy Emma for all your communication coaching needs."

KATHLEEN GRAHAM, Principal  -  HQ SEARCH, INC. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your excellent seminar on Professional Development. All of our employees came away with much valuable information. We have many first time employees who are directly out of college. From handshakes to voice mail tips and email etiquette, you presented essential business strategies that they will be able to use for the duration of their careers. I would definitely recommend this seminar to all employees, new entrants into the business world as well as more advanced professionals. This is information that can improve personal performance as well as company profits.”

VALERIE AMUNDSEN, Office Manager - WATERSTONE FINANCIAL SERVICES _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Cathy, The presentation skills workshop you presented at the Deerfield Public Library exceeded our expectations. I particularly appreciated all the time you took to get to know us, the extra attention you gave our attendees who needed it the most, and your energy and enthusiasm for this project from beginning to end. It was a real pleasure working with you – for I always felt we were collaborating – to create a platform of confidence and professionalism for our staff. Many, many thanks."

JODY WILSON , Community Outreach Coordinator - DEERFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Teaching is an art and a process of helping people learn. A valuable part of the process is to receive feedback from our students.  Enclosed are  some comments received from the attendees in your classes. Congratulations!  Your students have given you a very favorable evaluation. Best wishes on your continued experience of teaching adults.”

"Cathy is an excellent instructor" --------- “This was a great program for office employees"

“I especially enjoyed the open class interaction”----- “Email guidelines were so helpful"

“Cathy ‘s ability to address one-on-one issues was effective”

ROBYN BAILEY, Director, Community and Adult Education

"Your professional image message continues to validate what is required to set our agencies apart from the competition we face in the marketplace. Your presentation hit a home run with our agents and their staffs. Not only were you informative, but you kept the group involved for the entire time. Thank you for your common sense approach to business as it should be conducted in the 21st Century. We will recommend you to all of our associates.”

STATE FARM INSURANCE - Great Lakes Region ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

"I had the pleasure of working with Cathy Emma for an Insurance Staff Institute I was coordinating in the Chicagoland area. She had been highly recommended by one of my peers at State Farm Insurance. I was looking for an energetic, qualified Business Etiquette coach with strategies that could be easily utilized. What we received with Cathy Emma was all that, and then more. She delivered an energetic key note speech that was deliberate in its message and empowered our audience to want to deliver outstanding customer service. I look forward to future encounters with Cathy Emma and would highly recommend her services."

MORGAN FOSTER , Agency Field Executive - STATE FARM _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I would like to thank you for presenting your Professional Skills Development class to our team. You are a dynamic speaker, and your enthusiasm and professionalism scored a direct hit with our company’s visions and goals. With the rapidly increasing technology changes, your class covers an extremely broad range of topics which addresses the most important needs of every person in business today. In today’s competitive business environment, it is especially important to learn and refresh important business etiquette strategies. It was my sincere pleasure to work with you and I hope that we can collaborate again in the very near future.”

KEVIN AMBROSE, Vice President - RR DONNELLEY _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Coaching with Cathy Emma has given me the tools to protect my voice and become a vocal athlete. Prior to coaching with Cathy, my back to back multiple speaking events were a strain. Now, my frequent presentations are done with ease and confidence. Cathy is also an ace at editing speaking text. She helped me condense my material, but with such skill that all my messages were retained with added clarity. For professional speakers, Cathy is a critical resource and I highly recommend her services."

STEFANIA AULICINO, President - CapitalLinkUSA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Your presentation was definitely the high point of our quarterly meeting! The agents enjoyed all the wonderful guidelines for using our voices to present a current, positive and professional image. Phones, cell phones and voice mail are so important in our business and learning how to maximize the effectiveness of these tools is definitely a priority. We have had so much positive feedback from our agents. Thank you for a great program."


We, as professional speakers, are the vehicles that deliver the message. Working with Cathy Emma is like fine tuning your car. Her communication skills coaching helped me to improve my performance from writing to speaking. Everyone needs regular communication tune ups!


“I was privileged to co-present "Professional Impressions" with Cathy Emma at an event sponsored by the National Speakers Assn.'s Illinois chapter. Cathy is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic presenter who is passionate about helping speakers take the best possible care of their voice and has compiled myriad ways to do so. Her advice easily translates to anyone who communicates verbally as part of their job.”

LILLIAN BJORSETH , President and CEO , DUOFORCE ENTERPRISES, INC. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“It has been a few days since your seminar and I am delighted to say that the results have been immediate and impactful. It does not matter if you are an “old pro” or the “new kid on the block”, your seminar was a wake-up call. Everyone enjoyed your presentation style. It was relaxed and fun, yet with a refreshing directness that allowed us to retain and use the information more easily. All of us thank you…and our customers thank you!”

LORI A. CAMPBELL , General Manager - THE LABEL PRINTERS ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Recently I scheduled my first voice coaching session with Cathy Emma. After just one coaching session wih Cathy, I am pleased to say I made progress. I had three bookings for a total of 12+ hours of speaking. My voice held up very well, thanks to her coaching. The thing I liked best about Cathy was her sincerity, focus and desire to help. Her experience has taught her well. I am happy I made the investment to learn from her."

LAURIE GUEST, CSP - Speaker/Humorist - SOLUTIONS ARE BREWING ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"On behalf OSI Industries, LLC, I am pleased to recognize Cathy Emma as an expert in providing solutions for business communication, coaching, and business etiquette. Her contributions as an external coach for executives in our organization have helped us achieve our business goals."

HECTOR H. VELAZQUEZ E., Organizational Development Manager - OSI INDUSTRIES, LLC

"Thanks so much for our session. I have been putting into practice several of the techniques you shared with me. Without your help, I may have never made the changes necessary to strengthen my voice and assure it longevity. Thanks also for the tips on my presentation skills."

STEVE BECK, Corporate Training Solutions - BECK & ASSOCIATES




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