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Staying Professional in Today's Workplace -- 100 Ways to Communicate as a Professional


Whether you work in a business of your own, or in corporate America, you will want to be effective every time you communicate.

For employers and employees alike, from students and entry level workers to advanced professionals, this handy booklet shows how to reinforce your communication abilities and get your messages across in the most effective way. You will be guided to excellence in business communications for today’s modern and diverse workplace. Put it to use daily and be a stronger representative for your organization.

This booklet can also be customized for you with your company logo. Discounts available for bulk orders.

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$5.00 E-booklet PDF Format Delivered via email.

VOICE PERSONALITY - Improving the Way You Speak ... The easy way!

Voice Personality CD

Discover how to:

  • Make a dynamic first impression
  • Identify and correct common speaking errors
  • Be a strong communicator in business
  • Refine your telephone skills and voice mail
  • Evaluate your voice and take ownership
  • Keep your voice healthy and resilient
  • Develop a confident voice of leadership…and MORE!
$ 15.00 CD    Free Shipping   

Fantastic CUSTOMER SERVICE Inside and Out

Fantastic Customer Service Inside & Out

Cathy Emma has co-authored one of the best anthologies on CUSTOMER SERVICE. Twenty experts share SUCCESS SECRETS that can turn your career and business into GOLD! Hundreds of tips and secrets for delighting your customers. Discover fresh ideas for making your work more profitable, stress free, satisfying and more fun! A “must have” resource, 280 Pages paperback.


$ 18.00 Paperback Book     Free Shipping  
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