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About Cathy Emma


CATHY EMMA is a multi-faceted communications expert who radiates a high energy presence of enthusiasm and sparkle that gives audiences an immediate uplifted feeling of optimism to “be the best that they can be.”

Her career experience includes educator, musical entertainer, actress, speaker, business communication skills trainer and author. Cathy’s ability to motivate and educate in the field of communication began with her first career as a Chicago school teacher.  Cathy has formed a dynamic duo for success by combining her credentials in presentation and stage skills with her background in education.

As president of her company, Voice Power In Business, she helps companies, organizations, business professionals and students achieve higher levels of success in their careers through effective COMMUNICATION skills.

Her KEYNOTES touch you personally and motivate you to reach your highest potential and maximum productivity with positive concepts that bring audiences new optimism for creating SUCCESS. Her WORKSHOPS & TRAINING provide dynamic strategies and techniques for strong COMMUNICATION skills with resources, insights and tips to help you project a powerful professional image of confidence, credibility and a leadership presence.

Each presentation is dynamic and high energy, but always customized to the needs of the audience for a meaningful and informative program with humor that lets audiences relax and have fun while gaining knowledge. CATHY EMMA is the perfect choice to motivate, educate and enrich the lives of business professionals, employees, organizations and individuals.

Cathy has produced an audio program, Voice Personality for speech improvement and telephone skills, and also co-authored the dynamic business book, Fantastic Customer Service Inside & Out. Her most recent publication is the powerful booklet, Staying Professional in Today's Workplace.

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